If you have been following along the news this week you will see that the Federal Government have committed a large amount of money to build a Fossil-fuel powered electricity plant in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Regardless of which side of politics you might sit on, and where you side in terms of the climate-change debate; one thing we would agree on is that in the electronic age we live, we rely on power.

I know how annoyed, angry, frustrated I get when the power goes out, even for a few minutes. I can’t imagine not having power for days or weeks or months!

Yet, so often, as Christians, I believe we forget to tap into the power reserve that we have been given through the Holy Spirit.

Scripture says that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us, yet so often, I wonder if that is true, because at times it is not all that evident in the way we talk or in the way we act.

This power of the Holy Spirit is abundantly available to us because of Jesus, and yet so often I think we forget this important information.

Maybe, like the electricity we have available at the powerpoint, it is only when it gets turned off, or doesn’t work that we appreciate having it there at every moment of every day.

How can we seek to appreciate the power that the Holy Spirit gives to us, but even more than that, seek to use it in a way consistent with God’s will and leading for our lives.

Imagine if all those who are a part of the church realised the power of the Holy Spirit that is living in them and through them, and used that power to share the gospel message across our communities, city, nation and around the world?

It happened some 2000 years ago at the Day of Pentecost. What can we do, individually, and as a church, to see a movement of the Spirit like that again?

In the Spirit’s power,

Pastor Ben

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