This week as we continue in our series ‘All are Welcomed’, we look at how Jesus is calling us to go the extra mile.

I’m sure you have a story (or two, or many) where you did not end up in the place that you set out to end up. You will know that it is incredibly frustrating to be given bad directions and
end up lost as a result.

Unfortunately, for many of our first-time church guests, they have that exact same experience.

Sometimes we think that everyone knows where our church is, and because for many of us, we have spent so much time here, we assume that they know simple things such as where the bathrooms are. I sometimes wonder if the signage around our church could communicate better the attitude of hospitality that we are called to have in Christ.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encouraged his followers to love their enemies by going the extra mile with them.

If we should go above and beyond to love those who are our enemies, how much more so should we go above and beyond to show our guests that we love them and care for them, and that God loves them and cares for them?

Let’s seek to be welcoming as a church in all that we do. In His Service, Pastor Ben

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