Christmas 2019

A merry and blessed Christmas to all of you as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and I am grateful that you have chosen to celebrate with us this Christmas, as we hear again that God has entered into this world, and into our lives in a new way.

God has always been there, but with Jesus’, it is no longer a mystery! We celebrate Christmas because:

Suddenly God is tangible
Suddenly God is accessible
Suddenly God is vulnerable
Suddenly God is wrapped in the skin of a newborn
Suddenly God shares our life and our space, our joys and our sorrows.
Suddenly God is more fully present among us.
Suddenly God cries with our tears and giggles with our joys.
Suddenly God has entered into this world and into our lives in a new way.

God in Jesus Christ is now present, here and now, in every moment of every day of every life. Not because we deserve it, but because God so loves the world that He longs to dwell among us.

And so Christmas invites us to celebrate with wide-eyed wonder, and discover the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways in which God is present among us.

 I pray that you have a safe and blessed Christmas,
celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ben Hentschke


Over the past few weeks as we lead into Christmas (not too far away!) we have been looking at ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’, talking about some of the things that have followed us, haunted us and paralysed us from living the life God is calling us to.

I pray that this has been a time of refreshment and healing for you as we come into the Christmas season where the things we have looked at of: offence, shame and this week: ‘labels’ seemed to be more heightened than usual.

‘Labels’ and words are powerful. They have power to create, heal, shape and motivate; but they also have power to hurt, wound, discourage and destroy.

Whatever label that you might have been given in the past, I pray that you realise that it does not determine your future, because God can break all labels that are holding you back from God’s calling on your life. 

 Let’s get rid of the ’ghost’ of labels, and instead, focus on who God says we are in Christ Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas.
Pastor Ben Hentschke


Today we continue looking at the ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’, and ways that God can heal us from those ‘ghosts’ as we move through this Christmas season.

Today we look at shame, which is really the internalising of our thoughts where we connect what we do (something wrong or bad) with who we are. We think that I did something bad, therefore I am bad.

Many of us, this sense of shame continues to haunt us, so my prayer is that as you hear God speaking his words of life and encouragement to you, that you can start the healing process.

Because you are not who others say you are. You are who Christ says you are. You are forgiven. You are healed. You are a new creation. You are loved. You are more than enough.

I am not ____________________

Because of Christ, I am ________.

 Let’s get rid of the ’ghost’ of shame, and instead, focus on who God says we are in Christ Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas.
Pastor Ben Hentschke


For many people, the most wonderful time of the year is not so wonderful. A painful past or even our own insecurities can overshadow the joy that we are supposed to be feeling during Christmas.

I believe that this year for you could like different, if you allow God to heal as we enter into our three week series that will lead us to Christmas Eve/Day called ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’

Christmas has a tendency to magnify things. If there is something good, the Christmas season will magnify the good and make it even better. But at the same time, Christmas can also magnify the difficult times. What might be a little painful during the year seems to be incredibly painful at Christmas.

And today as we talk about overcoming offenses, maybe your family is divided, or you have friendships that have ended because of offense, this Christmas, let’s not celebrate the love of Christ in the birth of Jesus while holding offenses, or hating those around us.

Let’s instead extend the love and grace of God that we have received.

In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke


Like most people, I love promises. I especially love the promises in Scripture, promises we can claim and apply to our lives because they’ve been spoken out by God. 

Imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered that Jesus referred to Holy Spirit as “the promise of the Father” (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4; 2:33). 

It started me reflecting on the Holy Spirit as the workhorse or powerplant of the Godhead. He brings to your heart everything from the Father’s heart. He makes real all that Jesus purchased. 

It’s the Holy Spirit’s privilege, perhaps his job description, to help you know the vast expanse of promises available to you, and to help you experience life and freedom through them. That’s why, as the Helper, he is the promise of the Father. 

God actually apportions thousands of promises. For sure, some are duplicated, but you could easily go a couple of years writing down a new promise of God each day and not repeat the same verse.

Many of the Father’s promises are related to your identity. When you know you’re His precious daughter, His dear son, it can change your whole outlook.

And how promising is that!

Pastor Peter Steicke