This week we enter into Part 2 of our series ‘The Me I Want to Be’ as we look at what it means to Change our mind.

And I don’t mean change our mind as in from ‘yes’ to a ‘no’, but a more in-depth change from thinking negative thoughts to thinking Spirit-filled thoughts.

And one of the ways we learn to change our minds is through having an exciting vision, which is provided to us through Jesus and his death on the cross for our forgiveness and his rising again for the gift of eternal life in heaven.

We along with a vision, we need to have an intention to change, and not just an intention, but the means to change as well.

No one says “I wonder if I’ll learn Cantonese” or “I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow able to speak Cantonese”. This is something that we need to intentionally do through our decisions and our actions.

And the best means to change is to follow the life of Jesus, and we do that by reading His Word. In School Worship this past week I was blessed to be involved in presenting Bibles to the Year 1 students, and they were so excited to receive God’s Word and instantly many of them opened the covers and started reading.

My prayer is that your desire for God’s Word is as strong, and that with the right Vision, Intention and Means you enter into the life God has for you, and become the ‘You that God wants you to be’.

In His service, Pastor Ben

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