We are into the second week of this great series looking at Jesus (through the Apostle John) writing seven letters to seven churches scattered through Asia Minor that we find in the Book of Revelation.

This week we look at the letter to the church in Smyrna, and the Smyrnean church was poor, persecuted and harassed in the city they were located.

Jesus is fully aware of this, for He himself had experienced the same on His way to the cross for them, which is why he does not give them an opportunity to feel sorry for themselves, and instead says to them they because of their faith in Him, in Christ, that they are rich.

And this is our encouragement, that no matter what testing of the faith we receive, if we are loyal to Jesus, even to the point of giving our lives (I pray it does not come to that), he will give us the crown of life.

May God bless you as we hear his message, as we are victorious, and as you are not hurt at all by the second death.

Pastor Ben

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