Dear Church Family,

There I have, many a time, heard people communicate, in various ways, that they seem to “know about God” but want to really “know Him”. That they have grown up learning about all the wonderful things God has done but somehow feel a need to “delve deeper” into their faith and their God.
I want to encourage you through the words of someone else. Faithful faith-filled child of God, husband, father, pastor and friend Adam Ramsey in his book Truth on Fire writes the following:
Perhaps you sense a disconnect between your thinking about God and your experience of God? A gap between the life of your mind
and a life of your heart?
Maybe you’re a part of a church (or denomination) that emphasises solid Bible teaching and the life of the ‘mind’. You’ve experienced a number of wonderful Bible-study groups
and maybe even discussed systematic theology with friends, but there’s a gnawing sense that something is still missing – and incompleteness. The teaching is meaty and solid,
so why does your Christianity feel dry? You can articulate biblical answers and you love the truth of them. But it is truth  like a treasured photo of a father who lives far away,
when what you really long for is one of his hugs.
Deep down you wish you could have a greater experience of the God that you have learned so much about. Is it wrong to want more? The simple answer to that question is: no.
One of the great tragedies of this present generation of Christians has been the divorce between theological and experiential Christianity. On one side you have churches committed
to theological accuracy, knowing the word of God, and holding a high view of the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We’ll call this team “The Thinkers”.
“The Thinkers” often view the others (or “The Feelers”) as thoughtless, and “The Feelers” often disregard “The Thinkers” as lifeless. And more often than not, both are completely right.
What if we didn’t have to choose between an intelligent faith and a passionate one? After all, a sharp mind with a cold heart is just as big of a fail as a heart radically on fire about
The life of the mind and the life of the heart shouldn’t really need to be ‘reconciled’, because they were always meant to be friends. God intends for us to pursue a Christianity that
is radically committed to theological clarity in a way that does not diminish the life of the heart but actually intensifies it.
If you have learnt about God you entire life and want to experience Him more…if you want not only to know the guy in the photo, but feel His hug…then pursue it with all you have.
If you have felt overwhelmed by God’s goodness and love and long to know Him more deeply…then pursue it with all you have.
This, all of this, is our journey together…let’s go about it with all we have.
In His Service,
Pastor Roelof

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