Week six into our series looking at the Seven Letters to the Seven Church in Revelation, and this letter we are looking at is to the church in Philadelphia.

And Philadelphia was a young city, and was a city that was plagued with earthquakes, both large and small, and so never grew to be a big place.

But Jesus calls the church there to ‘hold fast’. And he encourages them to hold fast to His Word, the Good News of His life, death and resurrection.

And when we face shaky times in life, sometimes the best thing that we can do is ‘hold fast’ to the one thing that is holy and true – Jesus Christ.

And as we do, Jesus will open a door, and the door that he opens only he can shut, and the reason he opens it, is that the open door is a metaphor for us going out – through that open door with the word of life, forgiveness and salvation to our city, just as the Philadelphians were encouraged to.

And as we hear this message, and as we are victorious, may God write on you His name so that you receive the full inheritance of heaven.

In His Service, Pastor Ben

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