As you would know, on Saturday last week (the 5th June), I was elected by the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District Convention of Synod to serve as the full-time First Assistant Bishop.

This 3-year call from the church is deeply humbling. While I allowed my name to go forward as a part of the nomination process, to have the support of my fellow pastors from across the district to the level that mine was the only name to go forward still leaves me somewhat in disbelief.

The questions of ‘why me’ and ‘what have I got to offer’ though quickly dispel as I read through the scriptures of where time and time again God takes people, and uses them despite their faults and failures and feelings of inadequacy.

To be honest with you, I am both excited, but also a little bit daunted about the task that is in front of me, but I know that whatever that is, the Holy Spirit always goes with me guiding my way.

It was only when I was at the podium sharing some of these things with the delegates of Convention when I realised that this election means that I will be leaving this wonderful church in Ipswich where both Kelly and I have loved and been loved for 8 years.

I have built many relationships and friendships, and have been blessed to each and every one of you.

In terms of how this all plays out, in the email I sent I spoke about the transition happening over the coming three months. As I encounter the lasts of many things.

My final service is on the 18th July, which will be a combined farewell service at Bethany, Raceview at 9am. From there I will go on 3x weeks holidays, and be starting in the District Office on the 9th August. We are planning for my ceremonial installation service to happen on the 22nd August – but I will keep you informed.

Thank you all for your ongoing prayer, love and support. Not just during this time of transition, but across the many years of my service to you and our wider community. It is deeply appreciated, and I truly am grateful.

In His Service

Pastor Ben

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