Missional Prayer

Over the past few weeks if you have been worshipping with us face-to-face you might have noticed an addition to the prayer of the church.

This prayer – loosely termed (for lack of another name) a ‘missional prayer’ has been intentional to allow us as a church to think outside of ourselves, and focus on our missional call ‘to know Christ and to make Christ known’.

In this prayer each week we pray individually within our gathered community for those people the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding us towards, as we seek to make Christ known to them.

And we all have those people within our circles of influence that the Holy Spirit will be prompting us to share the Good News with. They are what we would call ‘our neighbours’. Not necessarily because our house block borders with theirs, but because they are ‘neighbourly’ to us. Maybe it is your local butcher that you chat to each week, or the person that comes to clean your house. It might be a co-worker that you chat to while grabbing a coffee in the morning or the person you always sit next to at bingo. We are asking for God to soften their hearts as we listen to His promptings in our conversations with these people, always being ready to give reason for the hope that we have.

We also pray for all people within our city, and each week we are especially praying for a particular suburb within our city, that the people who live there have their eyes opened to God’s love for them. Maybe as we pray for particular suburbs you might think of some people who live in that suburb that you pray this specifically for them.

Praying for our fellow partners in the Gospel at a local church, and the part that they play in building God’s kingdom also helps us to see that we are but one piece of the puzzle.

So we pray for a local congregation, of any denomination, and the work that they are doing in seeking to make Christ known, and build God’s kingdom. Because God’s kingdom is across denominational lines, and it helps us to see that we are part of something that is bigger than ourselves, while also asking God to bless them in their efforts to share the Good News.

And the final part of our prayer is for us to think more missionally. It hopefully is a prayer point that gets you a bit uncomfortable, and really makes you think a bit before praying it.

Because the Christian journey is not always going to be comfortable, and it is not always going to be easy, but it is a journey that we are called on, and one that has eternal implications for our neighbours and family.

Each week as we pray, we are going to be spending some time individually to pray for these things, to help us to remain focussed on what God has called us to do: ‘to know Christ and to make Christ known’.

In prayer together,

Pastor Ben.

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