Hi Church,

Relationship really changes the way we talk about someone else, doesn’t it?

I remember growing up, and I had a friend in my class at school who lived just down the road for us, and his mum would pick up myself, and my brother and sister, and we would travel to school together. And during this time, we called my friends mum and dad Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. 

As we grew older, unfortunately my friends mother died, but then during high school, instead of his dad being Mr. Stanley, it was shortened to Mr. S (because we were high schoolers and that was much ‘cooler’).

In later years, I actually started working with my friends dad as colleagues when I was a truck driver, and so now, as our relationship changed again, I now called him Barry (or Baz or another nickname which I shouldn’t mention in our school newsletter ;P )

And at each stage our of relationship changes, it changed the way I talked about my friends dad.

And the same is true for God our Father in heaven. 

Maybe some of you only call on him as ‘Our Father’ when you pray the Lord’s Prayer. Maybe you pray more often and call him ‘Heavenly Father’ or just ‘Father’. Or maybe your relationship with God is closer and intimate and so you call him ‘Dad’ or ‘Papa’.

It is no different to our relationship with our earthly fathers or father-figures. The way we speak about them really tells us a lot about the relationship we have.

But no matter what you might call God, this Father’s Day, the best news I can share with you, is that he calls you ‘my beloved’. He doesn’t care about what you’ve done, what you will do, or what you are doing now – he sees you as his loved child, one that he loves so much that he sent Jesus to live, die and rise again to life so that he could spend eternity in heaven with you. 

Wow! You have a dad who cares for you to the point of death – he cares intimately for you, I wonder what your relationship with him is in response? Something for you to consider this Father’s Day, as any celebration of an earthly father we have, is ultimately a celebration of our Heavenly Dad who created him.

God Bless you all,
Pastor Ben.

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