Dear Church Family,
Times are changing. Actually, that is not something new, and shouldn’t surprise us, time are always changing.
The seasons remind us of constant change. Our reflection reminds us of an ever-more frailty. The evolution of our kids reminds us of our increasing redundancy. The growing lack of energy reminds us of a day when energetic joy was not a mere wish-dream.
Things change. The world is in constant change. Life changes.
We get older…but wiser.
We slow down…but appreciate more.
We grow frail…but see beauty more easily.
We get lacklustre…but appreciate the energy of others.
Everything changes…but that is not a bad thing.
Change caused you to try the things that became your favourite meals.
Change caused you to go  a different way and discover something beautiful.
Change caused you to connect with someone unexpected who became a best friend.
We changing. Change is inevitable…even for, or maybe especially for, the church. God is constantly looking for ways to wow His bride and direct her in unexpected ways that will increase her wonderment of Him, her renewed appreciation of His creation and her joy in general.
Yes, we are in another period of change.
I wonder what exciting things God has around the corner for us 😊
In His Service,

Pastor Roelof

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